Waste is delivered to the front of the machine
Waste is shredded and filtered through a micro-screen to ensure size and consistency.
Waste is processed to a disinfection rate of 6log10 or greater.
Inert material is automatically delivered to the compacting dumpster for removal.

Viradys Disinfection Unit

The Viradys Disinfection Unit®, or VDU, is a fully-integrated US patented shred-to-disinfection device with high volume capacity that allows hospitals and other medical facilities to process Regulated Medical Waste and Sharps safely on site, within minutes of the waste generation. The VDU can process up to 6,000 pounds per day.  The hospital or other medical facility will have designated employees operate the VDU. The VDU is completely self-contained, simple to operate device that includes a tote lift system that automatically lifts and deposits red bag waste, sharps boxes or other Regulated Medical Waste containers.

Viradys Medical Waste Solutions brings hospitals and other medical facilities a unique on-site solution that combines a new generation of containment, disinfection and disposal. By approaching Regulated Medical Waste challenges from a different point of view, Viradys Medical Waste Solutions has shifted the paradigm and renders currently-used off-site methods outdated. The reason is simple: it is the Viradys Disinfecting Unit.

The VDU combines two proven industrial disposal functions: shredding and heating. These two functions combine to reduce the Regulated Medical Waste’s volume and eliminate the contamination.

  • The designated employee operating the device has no access to the interior or mechanical portions of the VDU.
  • The tote lift is screened with interlocking safety gates.  After inputting a four-digit code or swiping a badge card, entry to the tote lift area is permitted.
  • The tote is placed in the lift, the safety gate is closed .
  • The operator presses the “start” button on an HMI screen panel.
  • The VDU will not begin operation until the safety gate is completely closed and the “start” button is pressed. Once the tote lift actuates, the process will commence.
  • The shredder portion of the VDU macerates the Regulated Medical Waste and sharps and passes it to the heating chamber. Infra-red or other heating elements provide the precise amount of heat for a specific period of time to achieve a disinfection rate of 6log10 or greater.
  • The disinfection chamber conveys the treated, inert matter – now reclassified as municipal waste –  to a co-located compacting dumpster for transportation to a municipal waste landfill.

First Stage


The VDU has the shredding capacity to destroy all Regulated Medical Waste, including sharps. Once shredded, the macerated material is filtered through a micro-screen to ensure its size and consistency.

Second Stage


Once shredded and filtered through the micro-screen, the material it is passed via conveyer belt through the disinfecting chamber where it is processed to a disinfection rate of 6log10 or greater, thus achieving maximum disinfection.

Third Stage


Following the disinfecting stage, the treated, inert material is safe and ready for the co-located compacting dumpster.

Old, Expensive Way

  • Delivery of RMW to On-Premise Colleciton Site
  • “Live” RMW Awaits Pickup
  • Pickup by Traditional Vendor
  • Transported on Public Roads
  • Offsite Processing of “Live” RMW
  • Transport RMW to Landfill

New, Viradys Way

  • Delivery of RMW to On-premise Collection Site
  • Disinfection and Compacting
  • Delivery of Inert RMW to Landfill

Significant Cost Savings for your Hospital or Medical Facility

With the Viradys Medical Waste Solutions technology, the Regulated Medical Waste and sharps are processed and disinfected at the hospital or medical facility’s site. Our method reduces the volume of the RMW, accelerates the disinfection time to minutes and eliminates the need for handling, transportation and disinfection by a third-party processor. The result is a significant reduction in cost.