Waste is delivered to the front of the machine.
Waste is shredded and filtered through a micro-screen to ensure size and consistency.
Waste is processed to a disinfection rate of 6log10 or greater.
Intert material is automatically delievered to the compacting dumpster for removal.

Introducing Viradys

Engineering New Solutions for the Safe Disposition of Regulated Medical Waste and Sharps

Viradys Medical Waste Solutions LLC has created an innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly method to manage and dispose of Regulated Medical Waste including sharps, vials and other Regulated Medical Waste material that will change the paradigm of how hospitals and other medical facilities currently manage disposal of their Regulated Medical Waste.

Founded by a team of medical waste experts and engineers, the Viradys Medical Waste Solutions patented technology presents a breakthrough from costly off-site autoclaving, chemical treatment, microwaving and other waste disposal methods.

The company’s Viradys Disinfection Unit®, commonly referred to as the VDU, is a patented modular two-stage device that combines leading-edge shredding technology with a state-of-the-art heated disinfection chamber. The result is medical waste, including sharps, that has been macerated, disinfected and ready to be placed in a co-located compacting dumpster and deposited in a local landfill as conventional municipal waste.

Because the VDU resides on the customer’s premises and can be activated at any time, Viradys Medical Waste Solutions has eliminated employee and patient risk, challenging logistics of storing “red bag” waste and sharps containers on-site and awaiting pick-up from a third-party disposal company.

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Complete On-Site Solution

Smarter Staff and Patient Safety

Significant Cost Savings